2RunCrew was founded to use running as a conduit to connect people. To unify our community . To share . There was no intention to the direction it would go or what it would become besides involving relentless forward motion in a variety of mediums .


From the starting line in Hopkinton to the track at Hayward field - from Rocky Mt , Glacier , Zion , Grand Canyon , Bryce Canyon , Crater Lake , Mt Ranier - the Pacific Coast Highway to our beloved Big Bend ; from the Texas Hill country to 50 miler in Brazos Bend .  

From running through the boroughs of New York City with 40,000 other inspiring runners from all over the world . From sprint triathlons to Ironman . And everything in between


We shared local trails, our own run experiences, raised money for non profits most notably the Friends of Laguna Atascosa - shared the love of the run , our city with thousands over years - allowing all to really see the unique richness of culture, music,  movement and history . We honored our veterans always providing an opportunity for them to participate always at no cost - a tiny contribution for their huge commitment to us as a country . Our first event ever was the Heroes Tribute Night Trail Run in 2014


All we did required was a sense of adventure ; the ability to step out of ones comfort zone - pushing the edge of possibilities


It involved meeting people and nature on their time in their place on their terms accepting all unconditionally as opportunities for growth


These were our experiences  and the lessons bestowed upon us . We hoped they have inspired in you endless desires , opened your eyes to all the potential routes in your own backyard and beyond - to move , to live , to laugh , to be.


It’s time you set your own adventure . Discovered your own trails .

You are ready .


With that we humbly say goodbye and thank you all from the depth of our souls - our spirit  - for the years of trust whether racing , volunteering , mountaineering or hiking with us . Thank you for the memories and cheers to many more.  We know  the best is yet to come and as we part from each other and as an organization know you are always in our hearts .

Find Yourself. GO RUN. 


Sheralee Six and Javier Vazquez