Sharing Our "Routes"

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” - Lao Tzu

We first founded 2RunCrew to use running as a conduit to connect people. We had no idea what direction it would go or what it would become but we knew that it would involve "relentless forward motion" in a variety of mediums.

From the starting line at Hopkinton to the track at Hayward Field. From running through New York City's five burroughs with 40,000 inspiring runners from all-around the world to our solitude hikes through the canyons and mountains of the American Southwest. They all require a spirit of adventure and a willingness to leap beyond our comfort zone. It means above all meeting people and nature on their terms and accepting unconditionally what they had to offer as an opportunity for our personal growth. These are our adventures and the lessons they bestowed on us. We hope they give you a small glimpse into the countless "routes" available to you to seek your own adventure and blaze your own trails.

Find Yourself. Go RUN!


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