July 9, 2017


We made the decision this year to open registration for the 2017 Historic Brownsville International Half-Marathon on the 4th of July to well - kick things off with a bang!  We have to admit that anytime registration opens for any event, its a little nerve racking.  We learn from every event something new about the registration process and we always assess what we can do better and make the process more efficient. 


A few years back, we decided to open registration for our events just after midnight with the thought that the few runners that register between midnight and 8 a.m., we could troubleshoot any initial issues that come about so that when the masses start getting on things go smoothly.   As it turns out, though, the complete opposite happens.  By 12:05 a.m., we have our first 50 entries and by 6:00 a.m. there are several hundred.   On July 4th this year, we knew we would be off the grid with little to no access to the internet as we enjoyed our vacation up in the mountains of Glacier National Park.  


By the next morning, we could not bear the suspense any longer.  We found a weak Wi-Fi signal at a camp sto