What Running Shoe Is Number One?

March 21, 2019


Many of you no doubt tore into the latest issue of Runner's World (Issue 2/2019) to check out newest running shoes on the market.  All the major brands were represented with their latest editions that included updates to midsole materials like EVA, PU, TPU & PEBA X and different levels of cushion and stability options.  It is important when selecting your shoes that you take the time to understand how your foot functions at the moment of impact and at toe off.  It may seem natural to think that everyone is the same in this aspect but truth be told, we all have different influencing factors (i.e. weight, hip range of motion, foot stability, foot shape, big toe strength, etc.) that impact our running form and ultimately our performance.   Selecting a shoe based on "coolness factor" or color should not be the first indicators you consider when choosing your running shoes.   While the Nike Zoom Vaporfly worn by the likes of Galen Rupp and mara