The goal of 2RunCrew, LLC is to enhance the running experience of the individual and community.  Our company offers various levels of running activities from free social/training runs to structured training programs for individuals looking to improve their running performance.  

Over the years, it has been our observation that indviduals really love running.  They like the way running makes them feel and how it transforms them in all facets of their life.


We have unfortunately also observed many people sustain injuries that can sometimes be traced back to various factors like lack of a structured training plan, weak running mechanics and loading of intensity or distance.


We decided that we wanted to be much more than just a running club or social group.  We felt that runners needed and wanted help to enhance their running experience and have the tools available to them to reach their goals. 



We've run everything from 5Ks to ultramarathons and all the way up to Ironman distance triathlons.  Within our race journeys we experienced injury and errors in our training. Over the years, we developed and honed our training approach to focus on decreasing injury opportunities and tweaking efficiencies of the running gait cycle.  With a strong physical base in place, we can then focus on helping runners learn how to pace which helps them to train for their goals.  









Sheralee Six

Javier Vazquez